Northwick Park Hospital has teamed up with a Stonebridge foodbank to provide parcels for patients struggling to make ends meet.

Sufra Food Bank and Kitchen, in Pitfield Way, is asking the Watford Road staff to help identify patients before they are discharged.

The short-term assessment, rehabilitation and reablement service (STARRS) is the first team to get involved.

Nipa Shah, clinical manager for STARRS, said patients sometimes struggle getting essential food supplies when leaving hospital.

She added: “It takes them a few days to re-establish their contacts in the community and get their shopping done.

“The food bags will be invaluable in ensuring these patients have enough food while they wait to get their own supplies.”

Rajesh Makwana, capacity building manager for Sufra, said: “We are allowing hospital staff to distribute the food directly because the majority of clients are likely to be elderly and it is more convenient.”