A Harlesden actor has written a film which he hopes will inspire young Black people when it is released later this year.

Call It A Problem is a short film written by and starring Ricardo P Lloyd about a man, Kyle, who battles every day life in pursuit of his football dreams.

The film, set in and around Brent, is directed by Remone Jones and stars Jordan Cover as Kyle, both from Wembley.

Ricardo, an up-and-coming actor, co-directs and also stars as Kyle's older brother Shawn.

The 27-year-old up teamed up with The People's FC, a YouTube charity football team, and Teviot Rangers JFC to shoot his first short film.

“I wrote this short film and co-directed it," he said. "It helped me to channel my energies more positively around this time.

"My hope is that it will inspire others to continue to focus and pursue their dreams and know anything is possible despite external challenges presented."

As a youngster, Ricardo was permanently excluded from Capital City Academy in Harlesden, but staff allowed him back to take his GCSEs and in 2019 he starred in his first professional play, aptly named Excluded.

Ricardo became homeless last year and is currently living in a YMCA hostel - despite his struggles, he hopes to inspire and empower others in a positive way.

He added: "As a creative, it's kind of hard to get things done nowadays because of the situation around Covid-19. To be at the stage where I am able to do a project like this is great.

"The People's FC has been very supportive in providing guidance and resources.

"I hope that this project will inspire other younger people in pursuit of their dreams to stay disciplined and focused."

The People's FC chairman Kye Trott, who set up the organisation following the suicide of a friend, said it was "great to be involved".

He added: "Our charity always wants to positively affect people. Our motto is that tomorrow can always be a brighter day."

The film will be released later this year through Fully Focussed Productions, a youth-led media organisation.