A Harlesden actor has his sights set on the heights of Hollywood after mingling with A-listers.

Ricardo P Lloyd hopes to inspire youngsters, saying: "All one needs is the willpower and faith in one’s ability to pull through, despite all odds."

Oscar winning actor Mark Rylance set up a Zoom conversation for Ricardo to chat with the actor David Oyelowo, of Selma fame, on May 20.

Brent & Kilburn Times: Ricardo P Lloyd enjoyed a Zoom chat with David Oyelowo of ‘Selma’ fame on May 20.Ricardo P Lloyd enjoyed a Zoom chat with David Oyelowo of ‘Selma’ fame on May 20. (Image: Ricardo P Lloyd)

Two days earlier, Ricardo had performed on an online show for BlackRock, My Story, My Monologue, with 2,000 people watching.

Ricardo has had a rocky ride to where he is now, having been excluded from and then reinstated to Capital City Academy, and having found himself homeless during the pandemic.

"I have reached a point in time where Hollywood stars are ready to pass the baton onto me, because they know I have the potential and the qualities to shine through," he said.

"I feel that if I can be at a point where I am getting mentored by Oscar winning greats and Hollywood legends, anybody from my demographic can also achieve success."