With Storm Eunice threatening wind speeds of up to 90mph across the country, the Met Office has warned homes could be left without power.

UK Power Networks, which manages power lines across the East of England and London, has issued advice to homeowners in the event they are left without electricity due to the weather.

People are advised to call 105 if their power is cut off or they see a power line has been brought down in the strong winds.


Other advice issued by UK Power Networks includes:

  • Charging up your mobile phone before the weather hits and using a rechargeable mobile power bank
  • Using a phone with a cord if you have one - cordless landlines don’t work in a power cut
  • Checking your torch is working and has spare batteries
  • Keeping doors closed on freezers - they remain cold for hours
  • Keeping warm by dressing in warm clothes
  • Looking out for vulnerable neighbours and calling 105 if they need assistance
  • Checking UK Power Networks' live power cut map on its website for updates in your area.

Ian Cameron, head of customer services and innovation, said: "We understand how difficult it is to be without electricity especially during cold weather, and will be working to restore supplies quickly if there are power cuts.

"Keeping people safe and fixing power cuts is our priority, so if you see any damaged power lines our advice is to stay away, keep everyone clear and call us on 105."

He added: "We are urging people to make sure they are prepared at home too. For example you could charge your mobile phone and other devices before the weather hits.

"We provide free extra help to people living in vulnerable circumstances, who are on our Priority Services Register so please sign up if you are eligible for future help."