Harlesden actor Ricardo P Lloyd said he hoped to inspire intrigue in local black history when he appeared in the role of John Blanke.

Blanke was a prominent black musician in London while Henry VIII was on the throne in the 16th century as one of the African attendants of Catherine of Aragon.

Ricardo, 28, took the role at the National Maritime Museum as part of the Caribbean Social Forum museum takeover.

He said: “Representation is key. It is important for people from the local community to get familiar with black historical figures who played a prominent part in British history.

“I hoped that this could inspire and empower more people to learn about their roots and the important roles black men and women alike played in history.

“A lot of people just do not know. Something like this is a great starting point. The public got to experience black history brought to life in a creative way. I think it a great honour that I got to be part of something like this.”