James and The Charlatans are heading to Kenwood House this summer for a rescheduled indie extravaganza.

The Heritage Live show was due to take place last August but - along with performances by Boy George and Culture Club, Rag’n’Bone Man, and David Rodigan - was cancelled at short notice after bad weather meant there were safety concerns around the wet ground.

James will instead play Kenwood House, Hampstead, Heath, on Friday, June 10 this year, supported by Maximo Park, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, The Sherlocks, Cruel Hearts Club, Shiiine On DJs - and now The Charlatans.

Here are 10 songs (in no particular order) that could just make this a summer classic.

1. James - She’s A Star (1997)

This is the one with the note you need to hit and hold. The word is “star” , it goes on for 6.5 seconds and the note is G (I think). You get a few goes at it, so there’s no excuse really.

Sing along to: “Oh no, she knows where to hide in the dark. Oh no, she's nowhere to hide in the dark. She's a staaaaaar!”

2. The Charlatans - One to Another (1996)

The first single released from Tellin' Stories was a belter, driven by a drum loop from the Chemical Brothers' Tom Rowlands. It's massive.

Sing along to: "Be my Spider-Woman I'll be your Spider-Man."

3. Maximo Park - Books From Boxes (2007)

“‘Why does every letdown have to be so thin?’” The Park at their most The Smiths.

Sing along to: “You spent the evening unpacking books from boxes. You passed me up so as not to break a promise.”

4. James - Laid (1993)

With an opening line from the Prince playbook and a chorus that’s something approaching a yodel, Laid is not an obvious radio hit but, thanks in part to becoming the theme song to the American Pie films, it is massive. On Spotify it has 121 million plays, compared to Sit Down’s 65 million.

Sing along to: “Line my eyes and call me pretty eeee ee eeee ee eee.”

5. Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - Once More With Feeling (2006)

A concise two-minute gem from Sam Duckworth’s debut, The Chronicles of a Bohemian Teenager.

Sing along to: “Don't let the people make you think that just because you're young you're useless.”

6. The Charlatans - Just When You’re Thinkin’ Things Over (1995)

The Charlies would get their Bob on properly a few albums later, but the jingle jangle hit from the summer of 1995 has the light footed bounce of Dylan’s I Want You. Perfect for a band in a field.

Sing along to: “You look good when your heart is on fire. It’s a matter of taste, yeah!”

7. The Sherlocks - Chasing Shadows (2017)

Thunderous drums? Check. Soaring guitar riffs? Check. Infectious chorus? Check. ie everything you expect from an indie band with one eye on Wembley.

Sing along to: "Is anybody over there or are you following me? I look into the distance, as far as I can see."

8. Cruel Hearts Club - Dirty Rotten Scum (2020)

It's called "Dirty Rotten Scum". If you need any more convincing, you should know it's not the oi! punk banger the title might suggest, rather a piece of pop indie perfection.

Sing along to: "When sunlight comes we run out of rum, but it's okay, we've got rollies and chewing gum."

9. The Charlatans - Weirdo (1992)

The Hammond organ has always been key to The Charlatans’ sound (check out The Only One I Know and Forever) but I’m going for the opening jab’s of Weirdo from Between 10th and 11th.

Sing along to: “Boom boom whaaah. Boom boom whaaah. Boom boom whaaah. Boom boom whaaah. Whaaah.”

10. James - Sit Down (1989)

A pop phenomenon and the ultimate indie singalong. All together now…

Sing along to: “Those who feel the breath of sadness, sit down next to me. Those who find they're touched by madness, sit down next to me. Those who find themselves ridiculous, sit down next to me. In love, in fear, in hate, in tears… down, down.”

All original tickets remain valid for the rescheduled date, or visit www.heritagelive.net to book.