£20k exhibition on the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed opens in Cricklewood

Exhibition in Cricklewood looks at the life of Prophet Mohammed's grandson, Imam Hussein

Exhibition in Cricklewood looks at the life of Prophet Mohammed's grandson, Imam Hussein - Credit: Archant

A group of volunteers have designed a £20,000 exhibition in Cricklewood portraying the story of the grandson of the Prophet Mohammed.

The story of the Imam Hussain Ibn Ali is showing at weekends in Edgware Road until the end of November.

More than 30 volunteers have spent two months designing and constructing the exhibition which is split into twelve stations beginning with the Imam’s early life.

Fundraising by friends and family enabled the exhibition which is free to visitors.

It covers the story of his era, giving context to why the battle took place. A model battlefield centers the exhibition, followed by life size tents leading visitors to the story of the priest who paid a significantly large sum to host the head of Hussain for the night, stating that he saw the glow from his face.

An audio device in English and Arabic narrates each station in the sequence.

Hussein Hassan, a volunteer, said: “The main reason we’re doing this exhibition is to give people the opportunity to see a side of Islam you don’t often see, especially in today’s day and age. Imam Hussain was someone who died standing up against oppression.

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“His message of standing up for the rights of humanity and forbidding oppression and injustice lives on through us. We believe that this message is so heart wrenching, and yet so beautiful, that it would be a shame to not give people the opportunity to hear about it.”

The exhibition comes during the Islamic month of Muharram, a month where millions of Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussain 1,437 years ago.

It is open daily from 10am-10pm until October 24.

Thereafter, it will be open every weekend until the end of November at 403-405 Edgware Road.

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