�140k scheme launched to combat fuel poverty in Brent

Project will see residents given advice on how to manage and save energy

More than �100,000 will be granted to Brent this winter in an attempt to combat unnecessary deaths caused by fuel poverty.

The �140,000 scheme, funded by the NHS is called Winter Weather Watch, and will see Brent Council work in partnership with Brent based fuel poverty charity, Energy Solutions.

The company, who are based at Planet House in Birchen Grove, Kingsbury, will carry out home visits to any residents who people are concerned about.

They will then give a free visit of their house and offer advice and guidance on how best to manage and save energy.

If needed, the team will also be able to supply a comfort pack including temporary heaters and arrange to install insulation or occasionally fix faulty heating systems.

The group expects to make 200 home visits during the scheme which runs until the end of March.

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Matthew Sheen, project manager for Energy Solutions explained the benefits of the scheme for those who may be struggling.

He said: “This initiative allows us to use our expertise in helping the elderly, the very young, or people with coronary or respiratory complaints to help keep their homes warm this winter.”

More than 120 social workers, doctors and outreach officers are on board with the scheme and are being trained to spot the potential dangers for vulnerable residents.

If they are concerned about someone, they can then arrange for a visit from Energy Solutions.

Cllr Ruth Moher, lead member for adults and health, issued a rallying cry for local organisations and people to keep their eyes peeled for those in need so they can benefit from the service.

She said: “The measures are very simple, they can simply contact people that they think maybe at risk, check their heating is working properly, that they have their medication and that they are not short of essential shopping items.”

If anyone has any worries about a residents heating or ability to keep their home warm then they call Energy Solutions for free on 0800 169 56 93.

For further information on the scheme contact David Rose at Energy Solutions by emailing david@energysolutions.org.uk