Who is this boy and was he from Kilburn?

WW1 London boy taken in 1916, possibly from Kilburn

WW1 London boy taken in 1916, possibly from Kilburn - Credit: Archant

Do you know who this young boy is? Possibly from Kilburn he was snapped 100 years ago.

The Army Children Archive (TACA) is seeking information about this child for their ‘Faces and Families’ album, part of a project about army children of the First World War.

The saluting child, dressed in a frilly shirt and short trousers, and wearing a British soldier’s bandolier and cap, was taken in July 1916, as pencilled in on the back of the real photograph.

The printed information said it was taken in the “Curzon Studios/115 and 168 The Grove, Stratford E/224 High Road, Kilburn, N.W”

The photo was found at a postcard fair.

Clare Gibson, founder of TACA said: “Without any way of identifying the boy – and his father – we’re making an educated guess that he’s an army child because the British soldier’s bandolier and cap that he’s wearing is most likely his father’s. It would be fascinating to know more about him.”

A huge number of British children became ‘temporary’ army children when their civilian fathers joined the army as volunteers or conscripts.

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‘The Army Children of the First World War’ project is TACA’s contribution to the First World War Centenary Partnership’s programme to inspire young and old to connect with the lives, stories and impact of the First World War.

If you know anything about this picture, please email nathalie.raffray@archant.co.uk