Order to rebuild demolished Carlton Tavern pub in Kilburn is served on its owners

Carlton Tavern pub was demolished without permission by CLTX who must now rebuild a replica

Carlton Tavern pub was demolished without permission by CLTX who must now rebuild a replica - Credit: Archant

An enforcement notice has been served on the owners of a demolished historic pub this week ordering them to rebuild it in 18 months or face further action.

The pub before it was demolished (Pic credit: Flickr/Ewan Munro)

The pub before it was demolished (Pic credit: Flickr/Ewan Munro) - Credit: Archant

CLTX could be hauled before the courts if they fail to comply with the order after they reduced the Carlton Tavern in Carlton Vale, Kilburn, into rubble without warning or permission.

The pub, which dates back to 1920, was knocked down with all its contents inside after the owners’ bid to redevelop the site was rejected by Westminster Council.

The demolition took place shortly before it was due to be given a Grade II listing by Historic England.

Last month, Westminster Council decided to issue the notice but a delay occurred while the town hall lawyers meticulously checked the wording to ensure it will be difficult got CLTX to appeal it.

The community are angry about the demolition

The community are angry about the demolition - Credit: Archant

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Cllr Thomas Crockett, Conservative councillor for Maida Vale, told the Times: “The enforcement is definitely a step in the right direction. It has taken a long time because it’s never happened before, it’s virgin territory.

“The most disgraceful outcome would be if there would be some problem with the wording of the enforcement notice giving the developers a loophole to wriggle out of it.”

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The 230-page enforcement document, dated June 24, states that CLTX must build an exact replica of the pub, with its “detailed architectural descriptions as to building materials, plan form, exterior and interior”.

To the shock of local residents, CLTX put in an appeal two weeks after demolishing the pub and later asked that it be dealt with it in private, by written representation.

Cllr Crockett added: “It would be a complete travesty for this to be heard behind closed doors just on paper. We want as much local engagement as possible.”

CLTX has been fined £2,500 for breaching the terms of the planning controls, an amount set by the government.

Following the demolition Red Dwarf actor Danny John Jules, who lives nearby in Kensal Rise, said: “This demolition was a calculated move to avoid any confrontation with the Grade II listing side of things.

“If the owners can’t come up with legitimate reason to why they destroyed the building the council should take action against them.”

Residents can still appeal to the planning inspectorate that this request by CLTX is held by a public inquiry. Emails should be sent to inquiries@pins.gsi.gov.uk. In the subject space put: Appeal ref APP/X5990/W/15/3025122 (Carlton Tavern Maida Vale).

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