Campaigners keep vigil over demolished Kilburn pub

Residents are keeping a silent vigil over the Carlton Tavern in Carlton Way so the owners don't clea

Residents are keeping a silent vigil over the Carlton Tavern in Carlton Way so the owners don't clear the site Pic credit: Adam Thomas - Credit: Archant

Residents who saw their beloved Kilburn pub demolished are holding 12 hour vigils to make sure the owners don’t clear the site even though the council have today secured an injuction against the company.

Westminster Council secured an injuction against developers CLTX “knocking down any other part of the Carlton Tavern” this afternoon.

Campaigners for Rebuild The Carlton Tavern (RTCT), have pledged to keep a vigil over the pub in Carlton Vale after the developers CLTX sent a letter to local councillors last Friday saying it would clear the site of any debris and was committed to “re-providing a public house…when outstanding planning matters” were resolved.

Following intervention by Westminster Council enforcement officers, a second letter was sent, headed with the company name CTLX, saying works were suspended.

On Monday morning scaffolders appeared at the site shortly after 8am and on being told they had no permission to carry out any work, left.

Polly Robertson, a member of RTCT, said: “I suspected something and on Monday morning rallied the troops to make a human shield. We can’t allow it. We are still doing 12 hour watches; two ladies who live near there will give us a call if anything happens. We are more and more determined now there is more interaction with the company. They wrote two letters, both headed differently. We don’t trust them.”

Developers CLTX reduced the pub to rubble in April after they were refused permission to develop the site. Two weeks later the company appealed against the decision by Westminster Council and asked that it be dealt with in private, by written representation.

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Westminster Council planning chiefs ordered a replica of the pub be built within 18 months.

Ms Robertson added: “It needs to be sorted effectively and efficiently so if anything needs to be protected, there may be some property belonging to the community like trophies. Also, if we just allow them to take materials when it comes to rebuilding the replica they may say they can’t remember what things looked like.”

Cllr Tom Crockett, Conservative representative for Maida Vale, who as well as Labour’s representative Cllr Rita Begum, received the letters last Friday afternoon. He said: “I am very pleased they are liaising with us and have recognised the harm and damage they have caused. However the letters are ambiguous. Either they will rebuild the tavern we love or they will be successful in their appeal. Given their past performance we are extremely suspicious of any work they do on this site.”

A Westminster Council spokesman said: “The council has responded and have told CLTX not to clear the side or remove the flank wall. If they were to do so, the council will seek further legal advice.”

He added: “Our position remains the same, we expect CLTX to rebuild the Carlton Tavern brick by brick, and the council has sent an enforcement notice to that effect.”