A new chapter for library campaigners in Sudbury

Barham Library was closed in 2011

Barham Library was closed in 2011 - Credit: Archant

Library campaigners in Sudbury have started a new chapter by forming an organisation which aims to allow residents to protect their neighbourhood.

Campaigners from FOBL (Pic credit: Jan Nevill)

Campaigners from FOBL (Pic credit: Jan Nevill) - Credit: Archant

Friends of Barham Library (FOBL) have established Friends of Barham Park to ensure that locals have the opportunity to get involved in protecting and improving the whole of Barham Park including its buildings.

Barham Park and its buildings were donated to the council in 1936 for the “enjoyment of local people” by Titus Barham, a Sudbury philanthropist who owned Express Dairies the famous milk production and distribution company.

FOBL was formed after the council announced plans to close the branch was closed alongside Neasden, Cricklewood, Kensal Rise, Tokyngton and Preston libraries in 2011 to save £1milllion a year.

Paul Lorber, former Sudbury councillor and member of both groups, said involvement of local volunteers was needed to help preserve the area.

He said: “Seventy five years ago a Sudbury Resident made a generous gift of his home and gardens for the benefit of local people.

“It’s time local people had a say in how that gift is best used for the benefit of as many people as possible.”