Banquet of Hoshena - a feast for the senses

PUBLISHED: 11:27 12 June 2019

Banquet of Hoshena

Banquet of Hoshena


An immersive dining experience transports you to a mystical land of potent cocktails, lush 3D visuals and floating amuse bouches

Banquet of HoshenaBanquet of Hoshena

A unit in Westfield shopping centre may not seem a likely portal to another world, but behind a swagged black curtain you are welcomed to a fantasy feast in the mystical country of Hoshena.

The Banquet of Hoshena follows on from the success of The Dinner Time Story which also used 3D projections to create a deliciously immersive dining experience.

The previous outing married a culinary and imaginary journey following the route of Marco Polo to exotic countries over a six course menu.

Here we are more in King Arthur territory with a story of a lovelorn queen, an errant husband and magical transformations which pass across our dinner plates bringing the room alive with colour and music.

Projected onto what looks like a wig dummy, the Queen narrates her sad tale as the visuals on the table change - a fairy's floral idyll, boiling lava, a woodland glade, or frozen ice, to represent the emotions that are banned in this imaginary country.

I wouldn't want to spoil the surprises, but suffice to say some courses arrive in unusual ways, including a floating amuse bouche, roiling fog and something unusual in your soup, and your water glass.

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The story itself isn't sufficiently intriguing - I never know why they don't invest more in the writing for these events which are, after all, performances.

And on our night an echo on the audio meant the Queen's voice was hard to make out.

But the visuals are lush and any banquet is of course about the food.

This one marries five dishes with emotions, and it's intriguing how the taste experience is affected by the senses - the sights, sounds and even smells in the room make for a heady experience.

Our favourites were a double chocolate dessert and a transportingly good charcoal chicken slider with accompanying hot sauces to add to your taste.

The wine and cocktail parings are generous and at times potent, you wont' be thirsty.

The delicate pre dinner drink of lychee, elderflower, lemon and raspberry and a cooling gin, yuzu, lime and cucumber concoction will linger long in the memory.

From £85. Bookings until August 7 at Westfield, Shepherd's Bush

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